Touareg reveal & Management Treffen
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We got the chance to introduce a new version of Touareg SUV.

It is always interesting to work on a car project, so we were very pleased when we got the chance to work with Volkswagen.

As the company was celebrating 25 years, they wanted to create a visually appealing presentation of their work.

We have prepared an image video showcasing both the new car and history of the company.

Take a look at some shots from this project.


To connect the car with the people who make it.

Volkswagen wanted to create the stunning introduction of a new car.
We suggested showing the country, history, and people as well, connecting everything into one seamless visual presentation.

Besides the video presentation, we have created a projection show and visuals for the event that was hosting top leadership of the company.

Apart footage from the factory, most of the project was made as computer generated imagery. This allowed us bigger creative freedom and experimentation. We went through many concepts to achieve the right look.

At the end, we have managed to merge brand visual identity with fresh style and atmosphere.
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