The Process

Our process is the highway that will take you to the right destination.

We have completed many projects and learned best practices
to work efficiently and reliably.
We are curious and always improving our workflow,
finding new tools and trends so we can move faster.

It begins here. Strategy is deciding which way you want to go and why.
Everything is possible but everything won’t help you, you need the right thing. We will take a close look at your brand and competition, deciding what you should communicate and how.

Every brand has a message. Whether we’re creating a new narrative or working with your existing one, we will help you create the story that will grab attention and communicate what your brand is about.

Everybody is different, so we create a custom unique look for every brand.
Our visual exploration starts with Concept Design – looking for the right visual style. Then we create Mood-boards to show you the atmosphere and Stillframes to approve your new look.
You can count on our creative guidance all the way.

This is where all the actors and locations come to place. We can film and direct beautiful stories.
If you need some real person or object in the virtual world, we will use the green-screen stage and movie magic.

Computer animation allows us to create beautiful scenes to catch the eye and focus on what is important.
Even the most complex ideas can be explained quickly using motion graphics, typography, and illustration.

Movie illusion at its best. Perfect the editing, add sound, color correct footage, create a soundtrack.  Apply visual effects and graphics with the use of compositing.
Using newest technology to finish on time with desired quality. Here we put it all together.

What we do? Take a look at our services or other projects.
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With care from Prague and Bratislava.